Introducing: A New Kind of Intern


With an agile skillset that includes analytical, problem solving, 

design & communications skills

Professional Skills


Social media management 

Content creation & management

Marketing design tools 

Marketing plans & presentations

HR knowledge

Research skills (across all media)

Operations administration

Accounting support

Organizational skills

Analytical, problem solving abilities

Written, verbal & visual communications

Creative Fields of Expertise

Radio & Television Arts


Fashion Business








Music Industry


Film Studies


Visual Arts & Curatorship


Theatre & Performance Arts

Interior Design

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Student Profile 


Only High Achievers. Entrance to this program is highly competitive and requires an exceptional academic record. The program attracts high achieving students with a passion for the arts and a strong ambition to succeed.


Left Brain/Right Brain. Students are pursuing an interdisciplinary degree to gain an understanding of both the business and creative sides of their chosen fields. They’ve learned analytical, problem solving, design, business and communications skills at the university level. All of which is to say, they’re equipped with a variety of skills and can assist with a broad range of tasks.


Seriously Motivated.  The internship is a curriculum requirement, a chance to gain industry experience and a highlight of the degree. Students are motivated to perform to the highest standards and they're eager to make a great impression.




A Well-Stocked Toolkit. Taught by industry professionals and academics, a multifaceted knowledge base ensures students have practical tools, an understanding of relevant issues and business savvy (See the skills list above for more details).


Aspiring to Careers in the industry. With a keen eye to the future, students tailor their programs to prepare for careers in specific creative industries. Their education is a strategic first step towards entering the field. They’re resourceful, proactive and looking to learn from the ground up.


Mature, Well-Rounded and Knowledgeable. Students must complete three years of the degree before they can begin a work placement. This ensures students gain maturity, acquire experience and attain a sound knowledge base prior to the work placement. 

Cutting a Record
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