Internship Program


About the Internship Program

The internship is a curricular requirement, an opportunity to impress, and a highlight for Creative Industries students.

Internship Requirements


The internship is a curriculum requirement for academic credit for Creative Industries students. A minimum of 240 hours must be completed throughout, or in the summer prior to, their final year. 


Students may work within any organization (public, private, not-for-profit) that is associated with the arts/culture-based industries (including PR, communications, entertainment, music, film, radio, journalism, performance, visual arts, fashion). In the interests of encouraging a productive outcome, we request that all interns have a place of work and receive supervision within the host organization.

Paid or Unpaid?


Internships may be paid or unpaid. Students qualify for the Employment Ontario and the Canada Summer Jobs programs, which subsidize employers who offer paid internship placements.


Students in unpaid positions will be fully insured under the WSIB through the University. Students who receive honoraria, stipends and other allowances remain eligible for WSIB coverage through the University.










Mature, Well-Rounded and Knowledgeable. Students complete three years of the degree before they can begin a work placement. This ensures students gain maturity, acquire experience and attain a sound knowledge base prior to the work placement. 


Seriously Motivated. Because the internship is a curricular requirement, students are motivated to perform to the highest standards. The internship is also a highlight of the degree and students are eager to impress their hosts.


A Well-Stocked Toolkit. Taught by industry professionals and academics, a multifaceted knowledge base ensures students have practical tools, an understanding of relevant issues and business savvy (see the student skills & knowledge page for more details).


Aspiring to Careers in the Industry. With a keen eye to the future, students tailor their programs to prepare for careers in specific creative industries. Their education is a strategic first step towards entering the field. They’re resourceful, proactive and looking to learn from the ground up.



Show Community Outreach and Gain Brand Advocates. Employers’ visibility on campus is increased through promoting internships. Ryerson's campus hosts a student population of 38,000 in Toronto's downtown core. 


An Extra Pair of Hands. Internships can be a cost effective solution for short-term projects and special events.


Today’s Intern, Tomorrow’s Hire. Post-internship, students become a trained resource available when you need part-time help or when you're looking to recruit a

new team member. Save time on the recruitment process and get a sense of skills and fit without a long-term commitment.


We Make it Easy for You. Tailor your request to receive only high calibre applicants with a real interest and academic background in your industry. Send us the details and we’ll identify a shortlist of students who best fit your needs.

8 Great Reasons to Hire a Creative Industries Intern

Student Skills & Knowledge
Students are equipped with a skillset that includes: social media management, graphic design & communications tools, research skills, marketing and operations support.


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