Internship Program


About the Program

An interdisciplinary degree that combines creative arts and

business communications, designed for the management of

creative enterprises.

About the degree


The Creative Industries program is a highly competitive interdisciplinary degree that enables students to pursue a combination of creative arts and business courses. The only one of its kind in Canada, the program was created in response to major shifts driven by new technology and economic models in the creative fields. 


Through business, communications, and industry-specific courses, students gain an agile skill set that includes analytical, problem solving, design, and communications skillsThis 4-year B.A. is designed to prepare a generation of leaders who understand the complexity of business and possess the creative knowledge to work in arts-based industries. 

How it works


Students pursue two creative fields (including radio and television arts, fashion, music, journalism, communications, interior design and film) in addition to business and communications courses.



For example:


Journalism + Fashion                     +   business

Music + Radio & Television arts     +   business

Communications + Image arts       +   business

Financial Management

Operations Management

Budgeting & Forecasting

Market Analysis

Basic Accounting


Human Resources



Business & Communications




Radio & Television Arts

Fashion Business



Music Industry

Film Industry

Visual Arts & Curatorship

Theatre & Performance Arts

Interior Design

Creative Fields

of Study


Digital Design

Social Media Management

Intellectual Property

Research Methodologies

Graphic Communications


Funding Strategies





Student Skills & Knowledge
Students are equipped with a base skillset that includes: social media management, design and communications tools, research skills, marketing, presentation development and operational support skills.


About the Internship Program
The internship is a curriculum requirement for Creative Industries students. A minimum of 240 hours must be completed after studetns have completed three years of the degree.